Kangaroo Mathematics Competition is an international competition, in which 87 countries all over the world participate. This competition interested in focusing on the logical constructions of mathematics and building applied skills rather than knowing mathematical formulas and equations. This competition aims to help the transition from theories to practice.

The competition was introduced in 1980 in Australia by mathematics teacher Peter Hallron; it succeeded tremendously as a national competition around Australia, and then it moved to France in 1991, and registered in its first version nearly 120 thousand students, in according to this success , 21 countries participated in the competition It was proposed to establish Kangaroo Without Borders. In 1995, the competition was officially registered in Paris, the Council was elected and the basic policies were legally approved. The number of countries that joined the competition increased to include countries in Asia, Africa and South America. Now the contest is over 6 million Student participate annually all over the world .

Kangaroo International Mathematics Competition differs from other competitions in that it focuses on developing issues that require the development of creativity skills, critical analysis and problem solving and getting students to deal with mathematical issues from different aspects , thus developing students' positive attitude in life.

The objectives

of Kangaroo International Mathematics Competition

01. Promoting a passion for mathematics.

02. Developing students' ability to extract pleasure through thinking.

03. Anchoring the importance of mathematics education in every part of the world.

04. Developing mathematical skills and ability to solve arithmetic problems.

05. Applying mathematical concepts, and link them to daily life.

06. Discover the outstanding students in mathematics to join them in specialized training programs.

07. Qualifying participants in the Kangaroo International Mathematics Competition.


Kangaroo International Mathematics Competition


5 September 2019

Start of registration


7 March 2020

End of registration


15 March 2020

Notifying participating schools of the date and test centers


21 March 2020

Kangaroo International Mathematics Test


20 April 2020

Announcing the results


5 May 2020

Delivering awards Consecutively

The competition mechanism and conditions

The Kangaroo International Mathematics Competition is based on a multiple choice system in printed paper exams. Participating students are divided into levels by grade:

Grade The level of racing in kangaroo Number of test questions Test time in minutes
First and second primary The first 24 60
Third and fourth primary The second 24 60
Fifth and sixth primary The third 30 75
First and second preparatory The fourth 30 75
The third preparatory and the first secondary The fifth 30 75
Second and third secondary The Sixth 30 75

After the test is finished , the answer sheets are corrected by the electronic Qorrect system , then the results and the winners are announced.

Conditions for participation in the competition

  • Students enrolled in pre-university education (from first grade to third secondary).
  • Payment of 150 LE for the international competition.
  • Participation in the name of the school where the student is enrolled.
  • The student should not be more than 18 years old.
  • The student is committed to the place and date of the test to be nominated.


Certificates of participation in the Kangaroo International Mathematics Competition for all participants.

Winners of each level are awarded a diploma of excellence.

The winners of each level are given the membership of the Kangaroo Golden Club, from which will be selected Egypt national team in mathematics.


The answer form in Arabic and English for the Kangaroo International Competition in English:
Grade Question Sheet - 2019
First and second primary
Third and fourth primary
Fifth and sixth primary
First and second preparatory
The third preparatory and the first secondary
Second and third secondary
Answer Sheet

Common Questions

A: The competition was established in 1980 and is organized around the world from 1991.
A: 87 countries all over the world.
A: EduMeter Egypt Company.
A: All grades from First grade to Twelfth grade.
A: The paper-based examination is a multiple choice (OMR).
A: The exam for each of the first and second levels is 24 questions, while the remaining levels from the third to the sixth each level consists of 30 questions.
A: The exam for the first and second level is 60 minutes, while the remaining levels from the third to the sixth are 75 minutes.
A: The benefits are multiple
• Recognizing your level in math comparing with your colleagues in the same grade all over the world.
• You will get a certificate of participation in the Kangaroo International Mathematics Competition.
• This certificate will help you to apply for scholarships either local or international.
• Enjoying math.
• Helping you to accept math applying skills , rather than memorizing and indoctrination .
• Developing the logical thinking area of mathematics in the cerebral cortex.
• Developing the ability to solve problems.
A: No, this competition is designed to face all different levels of students all over the world through pheasant in questions difficulty and considering the distribution of the number of questions to match all students' levels.
A: No, the examination took into account all the curricula that exist for all stages of study in the world, and has been chosen from them so that the questions all the curricula of mathematics for each stage of study at the level of the world in all countries participating in the competition.
A: This year's competition is for private schools, but public school registration can be permitted provided that an official letter to EduMeter Company is sent to indicate the desire to participate in the competition and adhere to its standards.
A: There are several benefits:
• Regesting the participation of the school in a global competition.
• Knowledge of the level of school compared with the level of other local schools , and the level of students globally in mathematics.
• Attractive and fun activity for students in the love of mathematics, with the encouragement and development of motivation and spirit of competition among students.
• Global competitiveness in the field of mathematics for all students at different levels of education and different levels of education.
A: Schools that are suitable as a test center are selected at the school's discretion upon enrollment, and then schools that meet the governing criteria are identified.
A: The school will be informed that it is chosen as a test center in order to get ready and confirming that by sending an E-mail to the school and announce the school name as a test center on the website of the competition in Egypt.